Interesting Facts

1) She likes studying deer and wolves tracks
2) She knows how to string a bow
3) She had a steady hand
4) She could speed an arrow to its target
5) She could outrun a stag
6) She was a better huntress then the group of hunters that raised her
7) She was part of the Calydonian hunt (to hunt a wild boar) and won
8) She never wanted a husband because she wanted to stay in the woods her whole life
9) She participated in wrestling and running events against men to gain fame
10) She grew up training Artemis’s hunting skills so she could one day be just like her

Parents: Her father is King Iasus. Her mother is Queen Clymene . Queen Clymene wasn’t supposed to have any children. King Iasus was furious. If Queen Clymene didn’t have a son no one would be able to take over the throne. King Iasus prayed to the gods and asked for a son. Finally, the gods answered his prayers by giving him a child. The only problem was is that the child was a girl. King Iasus got so mad that without his wifes permission he told the guards to throw their daughter into the woods where she could die.

Siblings: None

Husband:Her husband is Melanion (or Hippomenes). They met, married, and then had a tragic end. They met at one of Atalantas races. When they saw each other they instantly fell in love. Melanion wanted to race Atalanta but she told him not to. When Atalanta left the group of hunters she reunited with her father. With her father she made a deal that if any man she raced won she would marry that man. If that man lost she would be-head him. That’s why Atalanta didn’t want to race Melanion. Melanion wouldn’t say no. He prayed to the god Aphrodite for help. Aphrodite gave him 3 golden apples. He knew what to do.
During the race he threw the 3 golden apples on the ground. Atalanta was distracted and picked up the apples. Melanion won and they got married. Since Melanion didn’t thank Aphrodite, Aphrodite turned them into lions. They were separated and lived the rest of their lives alone.

Child: Her child is Parthenonpaeus. She only had Parthenonpaeus for a few months. When his parents turned into lions he never did.

Other: A she- bear and a group of hunters also raised her. When she was thrown into the woods by King Iasus’s guard she crawled into a cave where a she-bear lived. The she-bear raised her for a few months until the hunters came and took her to a cabin. The hunters never brought her to a real school. She was home schooled. All she learned was how to hunt. It was her duty.

Paragraph:Atalanta is a mortal so she was born a normal way. Not a strange crazy unreal way. Queen Clymene gave birth to her. Queen Clymene knew she was born for a special reason but her husband didn’t care. He wanted a son so he threw her into the woods. Atalanta lived in several places. Her first home was King Iasus’s palace. Her second was a cave in the woods. Her third was a cabin in the woods. Then she went back to living in king Iasus’s palace. Her final home was the woods where she lived for the rest of her life as a lion. Every day Atalanta wore very simple clothes. Her clothes copied Artemis’s style. Atalanta was very athletic. She did have a liking of the woods and she was very fierce in completion. Thats why she seemed to win everything like the Calydonian boar hunt. She never liked losing. She also had a steady hand which made her a good hunter. She even never gave up like during the race she had with Melanion. The apples distracted her and made Melanion get in front of her. She ran faster then anyone had ever seen her go before. She did lose though. Melanion won by a foot (literally). Atalanta’s duty was to hunt and train to one day be like Artemis. Atalanta’s skills include hunting, speeding arrows to their target, and stringing a bow. Her skills are all in the hunting category. Her symbols are running sandals because she could run faster then any man and 3 golden apples because it symbolizes her first defeat and how it happened. Atalanta had only one punishment. When she and Melanion didn’t thank Aphrodite for her help to get them together, they were both turned into lions. Not Atalanta’s child.

Vocab word: My vocab word I used is mortal. It means “will die”, it usually refers to humans in myths, and it is without free will.

Impact: There is a channel called cbs atlanta, a Atlanta moving company, and Atlanta Gold and Silver. The Atlanta moving company and the Atlanta gold and silver is good companys to be named after her. The Atlanta moving company suits her well. Since she was a fast runner and the word moving relates to running. The Atlanta gold and silver company also suits her well because Atlanta won every single race she ran and any sporting event she did. Today she would win a gold or silver trophy or crown. The channel named cbs Atlanta is a regular channel that includes her name. There is also 19 cities named after her. They are…


  • Atlanta, Arkansas
  • Atlanta, California
  • Atlanta, Colorado
  • Atlanta, Delaware
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Atlanta, Idaho
  • Atlanta, Illinois
  • Atlanta, Indiana
  • Atlanta, Kansas
  • Atlanta, Kentucky
  • Atlanta, Louisiana
  • Atlanta, Michigan
  • Atlanta, Mississippi
  • Atlanta, Missouri
  • Atlanta, Nebraska
  • Atlanta, Nevada
  • Atlanta, New York
  • Atlanta, Ohio
  • Atlanta, Texas


The link with the full myth
The myth: Atlanta is in a myth called Atalanta and the golden apples. In this myth Atalanta is athletic and she is supposed to be good at all sports. The myth started off when Atalanta was thrown into to the woods by her angry king father who wanted a son not a daughter. In the woods Atalanta was raised by a group of hunters and some she- bears until she left the woods. When she left an oracle told her that if she got married she would be ruined. Knowing this Atalanta didn’t want to get married. She wanted to stay in the woods her whole life. The only problem was that when she and King Iasus reunited King Iasus wanted her to get married. She said that if a man she raced won she would marry that man but if the man lost she would be-head him. All of the men she raced lost very badly. One day a man named Hippomenes wanted to race her. When they saw each other they fell instantly in love. Atalanta told him to not race her or else he would be killed. He was determined though. He wouldn’t listen. Hippomenes prayed to Aphrodite for help. Aphrodite answered his prayers by giving him 3 golden apples. Hippomenes knew what to do. During the race Hippomenes threw the apples one by one. Atalanta was curious so she kept picking them up. Hippomenes got in front and won. They then got married. They forgot to thank Aphrodite for her help to get them together turned them so she into lions.

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